Do you Want to Lose Weight or Gain Weight?

Someone is always wanting to lose weight or gain weight. Gaining weight is the least of the requests but still valid. Losing weight is the top of appeals. There are a few sure-fire ways to do it. Will power is needed for the final result. What is your intent? Lose 5 lbs.? Lose 10 lbs.? More? Gain how much?

The first step is to evaluate your intake. What do you eat and drink? Look at the calories you are ingesting every day. Are you addicted to sweets? Drinking soda and sweet drinks all day? Be true to your self with your answers. Are you in too much of a hurry to do your daily tasks to make something to eat and drive thru quickly to just satisfy your hunger? In the office do you hit the snack machine for candy, cookies or chips regularly? Is beer your friend? Do you like beer? Cut it in half then half again. Or drink less caloric beer. All fried foods are bad. Eliminate all microwaveable quick meals. No boxed or canned foods full of who knows what to preserve them. Now look at your list of what you are NOT eating. We need to have a realization that those things alone left out of your day will probably cut 5 or more pounds in one week. Yes! Maybe even more.

I haven’t forgotten you who want to gain weight. We are all jealous of you and will be back to discuss in a bit.

To lose weight you have-to-be “real” to yourself. No excuses and don’t tell yourself lies or promise yourself tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes that way. Write down all the things you eat in a few days and keep it known only to yourself. No one needs to know. Take a deep breath and your inner strength. Become your own coach. Tell yourself positive things passing milestones like NOT getting that candy bar after lunch that always turns into 2. Congratulate yourself. If you want the candy, take a walk around the office to distract yourself. You can do it fast or slow. If you lose a couple of pounds don’t reward yourself with food. Repeating that… don’t reward yourself with food.

Reward yourself with self-praise. We all have that inner person who needs a little praise once and awhile and often use food to offer that praise as a reward. If we can just break that habit slowly, we can accomplish our goal. Even surpass it. If you find yourself buying that next size up, stop the rewarding right away.

Once you take out of your diet the sugar and snacks, you are truly on your way to success. Replace them with something so you are rewarded. Here are some ideas that work:

  • Cheese sticks
  • Celery sticks
  • Carrot sticks
  • Yogurt with Granola
  • A piece of fruit
  • A tablespoon of peanut butter (think of it as a popsicle)
  • Cottage cheese and fruit
  • An Apple and some cheddar
  • Drink tea unsweetened instead of coffee
  • Drink water to replace any other beverages
  • Make your main meal a protein, grilled and ½ cup of rice or a salad
  • Eat eggs for dinner. Omelets filled with meats, cheese and tomatoes are great for dinner

Those are my tricks to a fast 10 lbs. gone and fast. The less sugar I ate, the less I wanted. My evening omelet was filled with goodness and filled me up. The grilled chicken, steak or shrimp satisfied my appetite. Eat more of that if need be. Just stay away from the sweets. Weigh yourself after a week of no cheating and see what you have accomplished. You should already know by how your clothes start to be looser.

Next up, start taking walks. Start with 15 minutes as fast or slow as you want. Don’t text while you walk. Put on your 5 favorite songs and listen to them. When done you have walked ½ hour. Do that at work on a break for as long as you can twice a day instead of hitting the candy machine. The next time you weigh yourself is on the 14th day. With no cheating, you will be rewarded at the scale and in your mind knowing you have accomplished something for just you! Your mind will be clearer from all the sugar not to mention how much healthier you are becoming.

If you have diabetes or heart disease, your doctor should be consulted before any major change of diet. I know of people who have decreased their reliance on meds by simply changing their diet. We all have the “free will” to make any kind of change we want. Our tools are right in our mind to make the changes needed to succeed in our goals.

To Gain Weight – There are not many people out there who want to gain weight. The quickest way to gain weight the healthy way is to add muscle to your body. How do we do that? Starting out slow if you don’t already work out with light weights and work yourself up to heavier weight training. NOT necessarily to be a body builder here. Weight training when done evenly for the whole body will build muscle on every part of the body. Arms, legs, your back all will become stronger and you will build core strength in the center of your body. This is not only great for gaining a few needed pounds but gaining body strength helps protect you from injuries.

Staying away from the sugary foods is recommended to gain weight as well. Steer yourself to well rounded meals and eat more often than 3 meals and make sure there are good proteins in your food choices. 5-6 small meals are recommended. Your body will get used to being fed fuel more often and the good weight in muscle will build. Add good fats like avocados to your diet. Eat cheese if you are not lactose intolerant. Eat fruits and veggies for digestion of the proteins.

Walk. Working with weights is good to add bulk but the body needs to be fluid, so walk. At least 25 minutes a day is recommended. But give it what you can and build from your starting point. Just get out and move. Your clothes will start fitting better and you will have stamina you never knew existed.

Treat yourself right and your body and mind will reward you. Make some healthy changes and stay away from fast food and microwave quick meals at all costs. See what you can accomplish if you just put your mind to it.